What is it?

Training criteriums for riders and racers of all ages and abilities.
Races take place on a 0.8 mile oval, semi-closed, circuit that has one turn. This event takes place at the same exact location as the small course for the Fall Fling Series.
Daylight permitting, the event starts with a Cat 5 (beginners with less than 10 mass start races) for 15 minutes. After a quick 5 minute break, a 30 minute scratch race, handicapped by ability levels (Cat 4/5 riders in group A, Cat 1/2/3 riders in chase group) start. After that race, a multi-lap (16 or more laps depending on daylight) points race where the riders will sprint for points in the top 4 positions (1st - 5 points, 2nd - 3 points, 3rd - 2 points, 4th - 1 point) every 4th lap. Points are totalled up for overall top 5 winners of the race, and are given a small award as a token of our appreciation.
Also, there are prime laps where racers will sprint for just about anything.

Innovation Drive
West Chicago, IL

Non-Junior Men: $10
Non-Junior Women: $5
Juniors: FREE